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Choosing the Channel Manager for your hotel in 2019.
In the modern world, it is no longer enough to enter reservations in a notebook and manually apply discounts for Booking or Agoda for effective property management. Firstly, it is an inefficient waste of the hotelier’s resources. Secondly, it is very faffy. Thirdly, it is really slow and, finally, it is just not up to date.
There is a vast number of property management systems (PMS) designed to help hoteliers including CRM, PMS, GDS, Payment Gateway and etc. It is quite difficult for an unprepared person to get an understanding of all this zooey. Undoubtedly, if you run a hotel chain with a number of thousands of rooms and your hotels are scattered around cities and countries, then you probably have a department that uses all the cutting-edge solutions to optimize costs, calculate optimal prices, promotional offers for customer cuts and other modern and effective methods. However, if you have no more than 100 rooms, then you will probably not have the required resources for the whole department, and the task is to find a solution that allows you to obtain the maximum possible optimization of the room inventory management processes at minimum costs. In fact, this is all about room availability, prices and discounts management. Furthermore, it is desirable that everything is done to its full extent automatically and requires your minimum intervention. That is why one of the first automation solutions suitable for any hotelier, even if you only have one apartment, is Channel Manager - a sales channel management system.
Channel Manager (СM) is typically a cloud-based subscription service providing a single interface for rates and availability of your objects on various Internet sites, such as: Booking, Agoda, Expedia, Airbnb and others. CM automatically keeps track of all the connected sales channels and with each new event - a new reservation, change of reservation or cancellation - performs the actions described by the owner.
For example, you received a reservation fr om Booking for 1 room for tomorrow, which means you need to automatically change the number of rooms available in other sales channels in order to avoid overbooking. At the same time, it may be worthwhile to automatically raise the price of the remaining rooms for tomorrow by 5%. Even being done for just several rooms, provided that you use several sales channels, its manual performance is quite tiring. In addition to this, it is becoming more and more difficult to do this taking into account the growth of the number and types of rooms, not to mention the fact that the reservation may be received at night or on a day off. However, in case CM is used, everything will happen by itself and immediately. In fact, the owner’s task is to enter prices once, plan options for various complex discounts and upd ate CM, after which the rest of the work is done automatically.
A request to Google will provide you with more than a hundred of different kinds of CM. It is really difficult to choose. If you do not pay attention to the packaging and the beauty of presentations, most of them differ in the following parameters:
- in addition to the world-famous Booking, Agoda, Expedia and Airbnb, there are several hundreds and maybe even thousands of sites on the web for online booking of hotels, villas, guest houses and apartments. These are niche sites, sites operating in a particular region, sites for regular subscribers, discount sites and others. The more channels, the higher the subscription price. It is not worth overpaying for the sales channels that you do not use.
- if you already use any automation solutions in your business, such as CRM, PMS and etc., and you want sales channel management to seamlessly integrate into your infrastructure, then your attention should be paid to what kinds of integration are provided by a particular CM.
- or simply perks ;). Every service always has a se t of features that they consider may be the most popular among their customers. Various types of notifications, mailings, integration with instant messengers, statistics and reporting, customer management system, financial reporting, personnel management, reminders, and etc.
- as elsewhere, the brand name should also be paid for - whether you prefer Bentley and Lexus or agree to Citroen or Ford.
- not immediately conspicuous, nevertheless, a very important factor. In simple terms, how and for what you will be billed monthly. There are several basic models, the rest is just the variability of the main ones.
- Payment for rooms - each sold room costs a fixed amount per month.
- Payment for channels - as a rule, is used in combination with payment for rooms. Each connected channel increases the room rate.
- Payment for reservations - You pay an interest on each reservation. Combinations with subscription fee are possible.

In addition to the above described, additional charges may be applied depending on the country in which you run your business, the type of your property - the hotel pays more than the hostel, and so on.
- the availability of a demo version of the product and training materials is a big advantage. Setting up of even the simplest CM yourself can be difficult, and without proper documentation it can take a long time.
Having chosen from hundreds of offers ten most suitable for you, you need to filter them by price, based on your specific configuration - number of channels, additional services, number of rooms, type of real estate - and make your choice. I also recommend you to pay attention to the period of free testing of CM. In most cases, it does not exceed 1 month, but there is an exception to every rule. You will be surprised by the fact of how much prices differ, sometimes even by an order of magnitude.
As an example, I took 10 different channel managers from different segments and with different functionalities and requested a calculation of the cost per month for: 1 villa or apartment rented as a single piece, 5 rooms in a hostel, 10 rooms in a guest house. In case it was possible to specify the number of channels when making your choice, 3 channels were selected. In case of several connection tariffs, the minimum tariff was used.

The statistics were collected on May 2, 2019 based on public offers of companies. We deliberately did not consider special and promotional offers.
The purpose of this comparison is to show the difference in prices and multiple choice. If you are sure that you are aware of and will use all the provided functionality of a particular [url=https://effectivetours.com/]hotel channel manager[/url], then your choice will not be difficult. If you are still thinking about the first step and do not know wh ere to start, then start with the simplest.
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